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On Saturday 28th July we installed in Laredo this spectacular giant sphere of 8 m in diameter. Inflated with air and mounted on a wooden base, this inflatable ball acted as a screen on which images were projected.

Esfera hinchable 8 m
Esfera hinchable 8 m

We recommend you to watch this video, produced by the company Skene Creación, which was projected on the sphere. Congratulations on the editing work!!!

The combination of a large inflatable sphere and the projection of images on it, was a perfect mix to delight the audience.

Many thanks to the Asociación Colectivo Crealia and the company Skene Creación. Of course, we would also like to thank Alberto Martínez for having trusted us.

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Esfera inflable 8 m
Esfera hinchable de 8 m