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If you need aerial photographs or video of a plot of land, building or any type of property... Call us!!!

In Publi-zeppelines we do aerial photography with tethered zeppelins. A tethered helium balloon, unlike a drone or a blimp, can fly over an urban or populated area without any legal restrictions.

If you need to photograph a plot of land to make infographics, if you want a report of a construction site or a newly built building, if you want to monitor a work in progress or if you need aerial photographs of any type of event, do not hesitate to call us.

We operate throughout Spain. Ask us for a quote!

If you are into aerial photography with drones and you are losing work because you can't operate in urban areas, call us and buy a captive zeppelin now.

Tell us the weight of your camera and the weight of the entire gimball, and we will tell you which zeppelin you need.

We have the solution to your problems. We will manufacture the helium balloon and weld the necessary attachments to hold your equipment.

All you have to do is add helium to your zeppelin and you can start working!

Bimp's dimensions

Helium volume (m3)

Lift capacity (kg)

 3.5 m  3.4 m3  0.5 kg
 4 m  4 m3  0.9 kg
 4.5 m  8 m3  1.9 kg

The Correction Factor

With altitude, helium loses lift capacity, so a helium balloon, when taking aerial photographs, has more "thrust" at sea level than at a certain altitude.

In the following table you will find the correction factors according to the altitude at which you are. Apply the correction factor and you will get the real capacity of one m3 of helium to lift 1 kg of weight at that particular altitude.

Thus, depending on the weight of the equipment for aerial photography, you can estimate the size or volume that the balloon should have.

Altitude above sea level (m)

Correction factor

  300 m   0.971
  600 m   0.971
  900 m   0.942
  1.200 m   0.915
  1.500 m   0.887
  1.800 m   0.861
  2.100 m   0.835
  2.400 m   0.810
  2.700 m   0.785
  3.000 m   0.761