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PubliZeppelines is a company dedicated to the manufacture, rental and sale of all types of advertising inflatables. Our more than 15 years of experience allow us to advise you on the most suitable inflatable product for your business, promotion or event, to capture the attention of the public and make it a success.

Our spheres are a novel and very effective advertising claim.

Do not hesitate and call us: we will make your ideas fly.

The sphere includes

  • Structure of polyurethane of  1.8, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4.5 meters of diameter (decorated or not).

  • Harness for the mooring and 25 meters of rope.

  • Instructions manual.

  • Repair kit in case of puncture.

Optional lighting kit

  • bracket with adapter and 25 metres of cable.
  • Light Bulb 300W or leds


When the inflatable is to be flown outdoors, we recommend those with a double nylon structure, because it's a strong material with a longlife span. Polyurethane and nylon are materials wich have a high retention of helium thanks to its minimal porosity. We also recommend this option when the corporate colour is very specific or when you want to make a design that requires full printing.

What we do with the Double Body Spheres is to manufacture another similar body, but made of nylon, inserting the polyurethane sphere inside the nylon one. In this way the inflatable is much more resistant and we can print by sublimation, personalising the sphere with the highest quality.

The double body sphere includes

- An inner polyurethane body.

- A nylon outer body to give strength to the set.

- Harness for mooring and 25 metres of rope.

- Instruction manual.

- Repair kit in case of puncture.

- Lighting kit (optional).


At Publi-zeppelines we have the latest 3D technology for the design of any type of helium inflatable. Tell us your desired shape, logo or mascot and we will manufacture it and make it fly.

We can make any inflatable you can imagine. Ask for an estimate without obligation.


At Publi-zeppelines we manufacture our spheres in Polyurethane for the following reasons:

- Elasticity

- Lightness

- Maximum product quality

By using polyurethane we achieve a high lifting capacity with only a few cubic metres of helium. It combines lightness and flexibility and also has a great capacity to retain helium.

However, PVC is the material most commonly used in the manufacture of advertising inflatables in most companies. The PVC film used for the manufacture of helium inflatables is of high quality, with good resistance and minimal porosity, but it is NOT the most recommended material for the production of a helium inflatable for the reasons mentioned above. However, if for any reason the client wants a PVC inflatable, we can do it without any problem.

We manufacture all types of advertising inflatables of any shape and size, both helium and motorised: totems, columns, tubes, dancers, air dancers, zeppelins, blimps, spheres, balloons, inflatables, goal arches, rooftop ballons, inflatable balloons, outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, street marketing, inflatable columns, advertising colums, advertising totems, inflatable goal arches, advertising arches

If you need a supplier for branded inflatable products please, feel free to ask us for a quotation. Any inflatable you can imagine, we can manufacture it for you.