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A Totem is an inflatable that consists of a column with a height of between 2.4 and 5 metres and a sphere with a diameter of between 1.6 and 4 metres.

These are the standard sizes, but we can customise the inflatable totem to your liking, both the shape and size and, of course, the design.


Sphere diameter

Cylinder diameter

Cylinder height

Total height

AFTOT1600   1,6 m   0,6 m   2,4 m   4 m
AFTOT2000   2 m   0,6 m   3 m   5 m
AFTOT3000   3 m   1,2 m   4 m   7 m
AFTOT3500   3,5 m   1,2 m   5 m   8,5 m
AFTOT4000  4 m   1,45 m   5 m   9 m

The inflatable includes

- Indoor motor (220 v)

- Inflatable body made of waterproof polyester, decorated according to the proposed design.

- Bag for storage and transport.

- Instruction manual.

Easy and simple installation

- Extend the inflatable where you want it to be placed.

- Connect to a mains socket (220 v), the inflatable must be permanently plugged in. The inner motor blows air into the structure and in just a few minutes it is fully inflated.

- Attach to several anchor points for greater safety.


You can add a fibreglass base with wheels to your inflatable to make it more manoeuvrable and give it a touch of distinction. And... don't forget your lighting kit if you are going to use it for night-time events!