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Last April we manufactured an aerial photography equipment and a helium zeppelin for the company Prest Servicios Termográficos Aéreos, S.L. A high performance thermographic camera installed in the carbon fibre support allows the taking of infrared aerial images. The best option when it is forbidden to fly drones in the area.

Soporte para fotografía aérea desde zeppelín con cámara termográfica

Prest STA, based in the Basque Country, offers infrared thermography services, a technique that allows, remotely and without any contact, to measure and visualise surface temperatures with precision, as a thermographic camera produces a visible image of the infrared spectrum, invisible to the human eye.

By mounting the thermal imaging camera on the aerial photography stand and with the help of a helium balloon, Prest STA can take aerial thermal images which can be used to detect insulation defects on the roof or façade of a building, defective cells on a solar panel, faults in high-voltage lines and transformer stations. Thermal imaging can also be used to detect fire sources in firefighting, as well as for surveillance, search and rescue, and for many other applications in industrial processes, helping in the detection of mechanical and electrical faults.

Thanks to our universal support, which allows the installation of either a conventional camera or, as in this case, a thermal imaging camera, Prest STA also offers conventional aerial photography services, also using the helium balloon.

We would like to thank Xabier and Ibón for entrusting us with the production of their aerial photography equipment.

Fotografía aérea desde zeppelín de helio
Fotografía aérea desde globo de helio Zeppelín
Imagen termográfica aérea captada desde zeppelín de helio
Imágen termográfica aérea de edificio desde globo de helio