Publi-Zeppelines: Publicidad, hinchables de helio, esferas, globos, fotografía aérea


How time passes.... A new edition of the Copa de S.M. El Rey de Basket and, once again,

Publi-Zeppelines was present flying the helium blimp customised as a bottle of San Miguel 0.0%.

The Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid hosted a new edition of the Copa del Rey de Basket. San Miguel, as one of the main sponsors of the event, commissioned us to fly its airship. Thus, all those attending the Palacio de los Deportes were able to enjoy the flight of this remote-controlled advertising inflatable.

Thanks to San Miguel, Media Sports Marketing and all the ACB staff for making things so much easier for us.

Regal F.C.Barcelona won the final against Real Madrid.