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At Publi-zeppelines we are inflatable manufacturers and produce almost any inflatable shape imaginable on request.

Inflatables in the form of balloons between 2.5 m and 7.5 m high with an internal motor.

These balloons, also called TERRACE BALLOONS or TIP TOP BALLOONS, are continuously powered by an electric motor and therefore need to be connected to a power supply.

The motor is mounted on the side of the base of the inflatable and can be powered by 110V and 220V.

The inflatable includes

- Inboard motor (220 v)
- Inflatable body made of 350 gr/m2 waterproof polyester.
- Bag for storage and transport of the inflatable
- Zips, hooks and ropes for installation

Easy and simple installation

- Extend the inflatable where you want it to be placed.
- Connect to a mains socket (220 v). An internal motor blows air into the structure and in just a few minutes it will be fully inflated.
- Attach the winds to several secure points.

Transport is easy and simple, they fold up and can be transported in their storage bag in the boot of your car.

The large size of these inflatable advertising balloons makes them real ATTENTION CATCHERS!!!