Publi-Zeppelines: Publicidad, hinchables de helio, esferas, globos, fotografía aérea
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Quality and design in all our product offerings

Quality and design are the basis of our entire range of advertising inflatables:

-Helium inflatables

  • Airships (radio controlled)
  • Captive Zeppelins
  • Captive spheres
  • Helium inflatables with personalised shapes

-Air inflatables

  1. Inflatable goal arches
    Balloon terraces
    Inflatable tents
    Dancers or crazy sleeves
    Spheres with inflatable mast with motor

  2. Inflatables without motor of all shapes and sizes

-Equipment for aerial photography and filming from helium zeppelins with jimbal, used especially in areas where it is forbidden to fly drones.

-Rental and sale of light cannons.

-Decorated party balloons (latex balloons). NOVELTY: NOW ALSO ILLUMINATED BY LEDS!!!!

-Large format digital printing services (tarpaulins, banners, flags, banners, etc...).

-Media Ball (Inflatable with projection screen). Patented technology.

-Street Marketing: inflatable costumes, mascots, bottles, cans, backpack-balloons, goal arches, projection spheres...