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Radio Controlled Mini Zeppelin of 1.4 m

The 1.4 m RC blimp is ideal for schools and small trade events. We can print your logo or slogan on its inflatable polyurethane body. We serve it to you ready to fly. The toy blimp will make you laugh and enjoy with your kids.

Call us now and enjoy with this 1.4 m radio control blimp!!!

Radio Controlled Mini Zeppelin of 1.4 m

Gondola and motors
Mini toy blimp, helium mini zeppelin
Mini zeppelin, rc toy blimp
Have you ever imagined control the flight of your own ship? Well, it is now possible. The zeppelin is directed by radio control and flying safely indoors without any cable or wire grip.

It is suitable for children of 8 years old, and of course also for adults. It does not require previous experience in radio controlled flights.

The size is ideal for use at home, the office, birthday parties and schools for science projects whether in the classroom or in the gym.

Likewise it is also suitable for use as a medium for advertising.

The gondola has been performed at an appearance similar to the passenger cabin of a real zeppelin. It has three engines and propellers for maximum control, including movements up and down. The zeppelin is made in polyurethane and includes a valve for inflation.

The zeppelin and the gondola are fully assembled and ready to fly. It only has to fill the bag with helium, unite fins and the gondola and connect the batteries.

Purchase 2 zeppelins and we'll send them at different frequencies (27 MHz & 49 MHz) and both may fly at the same time. You and a friend will be able to compete to show who is faster and skilled.

The Zeppelin includes
- Radio transmitter 2 channels 27 or 49 MHz
- Gondola fully assembled (3 receiver and electric motor with propellers 3)
- Exchange zeppelin of 1.2 meters long made of polyurethane
- A 3-volt battery and one 9 volt battery
- 4 tail fins
- Installation Manual simple with illustrations
Mini toy blimp, helium mini blimp
The radio transmitter consists of 2 manual controls to lead the zeppelin. The engine and propeller located to the left and right of the gondola zeppelin move back and forth and left and right. The third engine and propeller under the nacelle move up and down together.

The mini zeppelin requires a lithium battery 3 volts to feed for several hours, depending on how fast you are flying. The radio transmitter requires a 9v battery we provide several hours of fun. Both batteries can be found in most department stores and photography shops. With your mini zeppelin RC receive 1 lithium battery 3 volts and a 9-volt for the transmitter.

Thanks to the Mini Cylinder of helium will be easy to fill the Mini RC zeppelin. With 0.2 m3 gas you have enough for a pair of inflated helium and several refills. The Mini Cylinder dispose of a valve for flying with helium (an additional adapter is not necessary).