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Radio controlled Specials Shapes

Publi-zeppelines is a manufacturer of radio controlled blimps and balloons. These RC blimps are perfect for indoor events taking place in tradeshow, sport arenas and all kind of stadiums. We manufacture as well outdoor blimps which will become, inmediately, the center of attention. You will only have to fill the balloon with helium and fly it with the help of the radio.

Thanks to our 3D technology, we can make almost any shape you like!!! 

Radio Controlled Custom Shaped Balloons

Publi-zeppelines has the latest technology in 3D design. Tell us your idea and we will get it to fly. The price will vary depending on the shape and size. Please, ask for a quotation.
Zepelin dirigible customizado

Delivery time: 20-25 days 

Payment: 50% in advance, 50% previous to shipment