Publi-Zeppelines: Publicidad, hinchables de helio, esferas, globos, fotografía aérea
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Many political parties, local groups and trade unions have commissioned Publi-Zeppelines to produce their advertising inflatables;

Helium spheres, captive zeppelins, remote-controlled blimps, dancers, crazy sleeves, banners and flags, etc.

Zeppelín Cautivo para ASIA

We would like to thank all of them for having trusted Publi-Zeppelines to manufacture their promotional inflatables. We do not care about the colour or ideology of those who are going to govern, we just wish them all the luck in the world and we demand commitment, hard work and loyalty to get us out of this complicated situation in which we find ourselves.

Esfera Hinchable de Helio para PP
Dirigible 3.5 m PSOE
Zeppelín cautivo de helio PSOE
Esfera de helio para Izquierda Unida
Zeppelín cautivo IDEAS
Hinchable de helio de 4 m UGT
Esfera hinchable de helio MARCOS
Zeppelín inflable de helio 5 m CCOO
Zeppelín cautivo 5 m PSOE
Esfera cautiva de helio 3 m PP
Inflable de helio 5 m ASIA
Zeppelín 6 m PR
Hinchable de helio 5 m PP
Zeppelín PSOE
Zeppelín 5 m PSOE
Zeppelín cautivo de helio
Inflable de helio (Zeppelín) 4 m
Mangas locas 4 m MARCOS