Publi-Zeppelines: Publicidad, hinchables de helio, esferas, globos, fotografía aérea

The company

What we offer

Publi-zeppelines is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of captive helium inflatables (zeppelins and spheres) or radio controlled (blimps), as well as all types of advertising inflatables.

Publi-zeppelines also offers aerial photography/filming, large format printing, light cannons and street marketing products.

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About us

Fabricante de hinchables publicitarios, zeppelines, dirigibles y esferas

Publi-zeppelines has the latest technology in 3D design, both in printing and welding.

Our extensive experience in the sector combined with cutting-edge technology allows us to make our customers' ideas "fly".

Our priority is product quality, reliability and personalised service for all our customers. For all these reasons, some of the most prestigious brands in the market have already placed their trust in Publi-zeppelines.

Global vocation

At our facilities located in Asturias (Spain), we manufacture blimps, zeppelins and all kinds of advertising inflatables for our clients all over the world.

Publi-zeppelines is a company with a clear international vocation that has clients all over Spain, Europe and South America. Some of our aerial photography equipment and advertising inflatables have also covered the needs of clients based in different countries of the Persian Gulf.

Publi-zeppelines has distributors in Belgium, Colombia, France, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay.

Quality and design in all our product offerings

Quality and design are the basis of our entire range of advertising inflatables:

-Helium inflatables

  • Airships (radio controlled)
  • Captive Zeppelins
  • Captive spheres
  • Helium inflatables with personalised shapes

-Air inflatables

  1. Inflatable goal arches
    Balloon terraces
    Inflatable tents
    Dancers or crazy sleeves
    Spheres with inflatable mast with motor

  2. Inflatables without motor of all shapes and sizes

-Equipment for aerial photography and filming from helium zeppelins with jimbal, used especially in areas where it is forbidden to fly drones.

-Rental and sale of light cannons.

-Decorated party balloons (latex balloons). NOVELTY: NOW ALSO ILLUMINATED BY LEDS!!!!

-Large format digital printing services (tarpaulins, banners, flags, banners, etc...).

-Media Ball (Inflatable with projection screen). Patented technology.

-Street Marketing: inflatable costumes, mascots, bottles, cans, backpack-balloons, goal arches, projection spheres...

Why trust Publi-Zeppelines?

- Because we have been manufacturing advertising inflatables for more than 20 years. We do not import anything from Asia.

- Because we can manufacture your inflatable in record time at our facilities in Asturias. You will have it ready and delivered in the shortest possible time.

- Because we offer top quality products.

- Because we have spare parts for all components to give you the best service.

- Because we can quickly repair or solve any problem, breakage or breakdown of your inflatable.

- Because we can offer you a special price on helium canisters and we can arrange delivery and collection of the canister at the place and on the day you need.

- Because we advise you on which inflatable is best suited to your needs depending on where, when and for what purpose you are going to use it.

- Because we like the design and because we make sure that the inflatable will faithfully reflect the image of your company.

- Because we take care of everything for your peace of mind, we send you the inflatable ready to set up or, if you prefer, we take care of the assembly.

- Because we reinvest a large part of our profits in acquiring the best technology on the market, looking for the best finishes and materials for the inflatables we manufacture.

- Because whether you are an individual, a company or an advertising agency, we have the inflatable you need to boost your business or provide a service to your customers.



Rental Service

Advertising inflatables for rent: You may not want to buy the product, but you will want to turn your event into something unforgettable.

Give us a call and we will take care of everything!

Media Ball, sphere with screen